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    Group Lessons

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Ski Group Lessons : Max 6

We limit our Groups to 6 Members per Level.

Group Lessons are a great way to meet new people at the same time as improving your skiing skills.
In group courses our active teaching methods keep you engaged from start to finish and are designed to give you the best instruction through hands-on experiences.

Group lessons can be taken every day to learn modern skiing technique or as a refresher at the start of your holiday.

Ski Group Lessons Start and Duration :

Course Start : Sundays
The Duration of a Ski Group Lesson is 4 hours per day.
Times: 09:00 - 10:50 & 13:10 - 15:00 hours.

For beginners with no skiing experience it is only possible to start at the very beginning of the course.
Joining a course for intermediate and advanced Skiers is possible and can be discussed with the Ski School Habeler.

Minimum number of participants per Level : 3 persons
For 3 people in a group, the course lasts 4 hours on Sunday + Monday and 2 hours on Tuesday.


Meetingplace :

We meet at Ski School Habeler - at our Ski School Hut on the top of the Penken in Mayrhofen. The courses start and end here.
On the first day of your course we will grade the Ski Group according to the Level of Skiing.

Ski Group Prices  per Person (maximum of 6 members per Level)

1 Day 2 Days 3 Days
€ 89.- € 158.- € 198.-
Ski Group Lessons First Runs with Linking Turns


FAQ Group Lessons:

Do i need to book ski group lessons in advance?

We strongly recommend that you book lessons in advance. Your benefits:
    •    No waiting in the Ski School office.
    •    Your place in the group is reserved for you.
    •    Book and pay from home, with your credit card or immediate money transfer.

Do all instructors speak English?

Yes. Ski School Habeler is an internationally recognized snowsports school.
All our ski instructors are capable of teaching and speaking in English.
With private lesson you can also choose from the following languages : German, Dutch, French, Swedish, Polish, Slovakian, Czech, Russian, Spanish.

Are group lessons offered for Children or for Adults?

Ski Group Lessons are offered for children AND for adults.

How does grading take place?

Students are grouped with others of similar ability and spend the full day working together to improve technique and explore the mountain.

Is it possible to take only One Day of Group Tuition?

Yes of course. Especially if you are not sure whether you feel comfortable in a „Group Course “. If you enjoyed your try-out-day extending can be done directly.

Are group lessons to be taken on consecutive days?

Yes. Not because we are strict or inflexible. But our group lessons follow at daily progress. We want to show consideration for other participants and avoid repetition. This is especially valid for beginner group lessons. If you are advanced and wish to take a break please speak to your instructor.

Is the Ski pass included in the Group Prices?

No. Ski passes are sold separately through the Lift Company. All children over 6 years need a lift pass. You will find more information directly at Mayrhofner Bergbahnen

Can our Kids join the same Group?

Children are divided into different skiing groups according to their level. If your children have different levels but would still prefer to be in the same group, please let us know so we can arrange for it.

Do beginners also need a lift ticket?

Yes. All adults and children over 6 need a ski pass to use the lifts.














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