• Female Workshop, Ski School Habeler, Mayrhofen

    Women Workshop

Ladies Only



2 or 4 hours


Beginners to Intermediates


Confidence, Technique and Fun

Ladies Only

Gr 3

Why take a women-specific workshop?

Besides the obvious reason of camaraderie, there’s the way we move, the way we are built, and the way we think about pushing ourselves in sports.
And it’s all a little different than the way our male counterparts do things.

Getting together with other females in a ladies-only private ski lesson gives you a chance to make the most what we are graced with in an environment that understands the way we work.

You’ll be in a fun environment where you can challenge yourself, improve your technique and meet some new ski buddies accompanied by a female instructor.
Participants can expect to improve their skiing ability and skiing confidence so they can advance to exploring the Skiing Area of Mayrhofen.


Focus during "Women Only" Lesson

The smaller group size enables the coach to work with each participant individually while also managing to explore more of the mountain.

  • Female Instructor
  • Relaxed Tuition Time
  • Personalized Instruction for Women without pressure nor stress
  • Focus during ski lesson: technique, confidence & style
  • Small Group Size: min 2 - max 4 members


Duration and Content : Ski Lessons for Women

  • Private Ski Lessons: 4 hours
  • Starting times: 11.00 hours until 15.00 hours
  • Meeting Place: Ski School Hut from Ski School Habeler, at the Top of the Penken in Mayrhofen

Prices for the Women Workshop

4 hour lesson : € 109.- per person

Women’s Gear :  thumbs up or thumbs down?

A woman’s boot or ski really will help you have more fun on the hill.
It wasn’t that long ago that most women-specific skis were just men’s skis gussied up with flowery top sheets. Now more manufacturers are conceiving and building women’s skis from the ground up, with all the technology and integrity that women deserve.


 Women`s specific ski boot 

What is the difference between men’s and women’s ski boots?
Boots for Women are generally softer and their lining has more padding.
This helps to accommodate a woman’s slightly lower volume foot.  They also tend to be a bit more flexible.

The biggest mistakes that women make when buying boots and skis are buying on colour, buying what their friends have, buying in a rush and buying boots too big.

Problems with poor-fitting ski boots can vary but if your boots don`t fit (too big, too long, too wide) – your foot won’t be totally in contact with the skis, making it hard to turn them.

If your boots are too tall in the leg it makes it harder to flex forward and get the weight onto the right part of the ski, this can also be a cause of shin pain.

Boots that are too stiff can throw you into the “back seat”, which makes it hard to transfer your weight along the full length of your skis. But, equally, overly soft boots can give you shin pain and throw you forward onto the tips of the skis making it harder to initiate a turn.


 Women`s specific ski shape 

For starters, women’s skis are built for smaller, less powerful frames.
The skis are generally lighter,  which means they’re more manoeuvrable and easier to ski all day.
The side cut often has a waist that’s more forward to better match a woman’s relatively lower center of gravity.
A wider shovel aids in turn initiation.


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