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Private Sharing




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Share your Private Instructor

Private Tuition or Group Lessons?

Not sure whether to choose a group course or private tuition?
Maybe PRIVATE SHARING could be the best option for you!
We created this Ski School Special in 2013 and we are proud that it meets the needs of many of our guests.

Private Sharing Program

You might find yourself in the following situation.
While skiing in a Group you will need to share the instructor with up to 12 participants per level. Some members will be a bit faster, some a bit slower. Learning progress is not as fast as it could be.

With Private tuition some guests do not like the one-on-one attention or this exclusive offer is too expensive.

Why not share an Instructor?

  • We will try to team you up with another participant of the same standard.
    Good news for those who do not want to wait or be stressed from others: the group is very private because
  • the maximum number of participants is 2
  • The Private Instructor can develop your strengths and focus on improving your skills.
  • Similar to a Private Lesson but with half the cost.


2 Members during Lesson: 1 Standard

We will try to team you up with another participant of the same Standard.
That`s why we will ask you about some details of your skiing abilities.
Therefore, we use the latest Austrian ski curriculum 2017.
It gives you the possibility to evaluate your current skiing level and to estimate the next steps.


Program Details

For starters we offer a 2 hours shared private tuition.
If both of you want to extend the lessons we are happy to arrange that on short term.
Come and see us at our Meeting Point an the Top of the Penken at Ski School Hut Habeler or in our office in Mayrhofen.

STARTING TIMES: you can choose from the following times:

S2: Relaxed Start 11.00 - 12.50
S3: Afternoon Session 13.10 - 15.00


Prices for a Private Sharing Lesson

€ 80.- per person  (for a 2 hour lesson)



If you make a reservation for the private sharing program we start searching another member to share the lesson.
A Private Instructor is reserved.

If we are not able to find another participant till 24 hours bevor the lesson starts it`s on you to decide:

  • do you want to cancel the lesson
  • do you want to maintain the reservation and take a private lesson by yourself. Please find prices here

Contact Details

Hauptstrasse 458
6290 Mayrhofen

Office Times

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Sun-Fri 08-12 & 15.30 - 18.00
Sat 09-12 & 13.00 - 19.00