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Private Lessons and small Groups

Our specialty: our individual support

We are the “different” ski school Mayrhofen.
We are simply “Habeler”.
Our team is warm, small and refined.
Simply friendly, as it should be whilst on holiday in the Tyrolean Alps. In the mountains and in lessons, we are happy to be with YOU and to support you in the the most beautiful place in Zillertal.

We consciously differentiate ourselves from the other ski schools in Mayrhofen. To your advantage, of course.
We work professionally and in a focused manner.

Therefore we are one of the few ski schools in Mayrhofen that have specialized just for you.

We offer the best individual support in private lessons and in small group ski courses in Mayrhofen.

Habeler: Visibly different

That also means that our visual appearance is different. Fresher. More modern. Like us. Our uniforms are blue and have the unmistakable H on the back. Habeler.

What elements of ski school are important to you whilst on holiday in Mayrhofen?

• Do you prefer quality over quantity? Individual support instead of just number processing? Then we are the right ski school for you.

• Whether lessons are just for you or with your family: we work with you on your goals. And actively ask about them

• Or would you like to spend time together with your partner again? But don’t want to just “dump” your children, but instead, know that they are in good hands? Then you can count on our flexible and organized support.

• We have limited our groups to a maximum of 6 participants per level. So even with others in your ski group you will still get the most from your course.

• Would you like to get the best out of the slopes and lessons, even in the high season? For this reason we go against the flow of the other ski schools in Mayrhofen. This means we have cleverly designed our lesson times so that you have MORE of your time on the slopes.

Those who specialize must also have something special to offer

We have high standards in regards to our service to you. 
We are happy to deliver a FULL SERVICE: from advice on the right ski course, to convenient and easy booking, additional information about the ski area, or even booking your ski rental.
And we haven’t even got to the most important point.

How we take care of you on the slopes.

Whether you are a beginner or have experience, our Habeler ski instructors will work with you on your progress, exactly according to your wishes.

Do you value clear, simple technical instructions and exercises? 
In short: that’s what we love to do.
If enjoying the slopes with a smile on your face, makes your holiday perfect for you? We are all with you.

We can summarize what is important to us for your winter vacation:

Our Ski School Programs

We specialise in private ski courses. As no one can really benefit if a teacher just drops by. You are able to use your time wisely.
More and more ski guests prefer to spend time together with friends and family whilst on holiday. Understandably, as quality time together is often rare. Therefore, a private ski course is ideal.
A tailor-made program for your darlings? Technical, fun but also positive direction for your kids? We think that’s a particularly good idea. That’s why only our elite private instructors accompany your children.
Do you make your decisions based on quality and don’t want to be with large crowds, in times like these? Then you will like our offer: a group ski course in small format.
More and more women prefer female only groups on ski courses. Why? Because they feel too much pressure when men are included in the group. Hence our women’s workshop.
Would you like to whiz down the slopes with just one board? With the right support, progress in snowboarding is often very quick. In any case, even faster when you practice your snowboarding and carving turns in private lessons.
Sammelplatz Skischule Habeler Mayrhofen
Skischul Hütte Habeler
Hier geht`s los
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Further Information for your Holidays

Is this your first time skiing in Mayrhofen? Do you want to explore the slopes? Or is this even your first winter holiday and now it’s time to learn to ski? Find our FAQ Section here.
Are you looking for the Best Ski School in Mayrhofen? For that school providing the extra bit of Service and Information, that contributes to your Holidays? For the personal touch, that makes the difference? Well, you found us.
In order to be present and easily accessible for you, we have 2 locations of our ski school in Mayrhofen. Our Office in the Center of Mayrhofen and our Ski School Hut at the Penken Top Station.
We like to be “different”, and the best thing about it: It’s for your benefit. We run our ski courses at different times, so that you can use the best terrain to practice.
Would you like to book your course online? Booking in advance has some advantages. Everything is prepared for you in the ski school office and the tickets are ready for your arrival

Check out some pictures and videos about us and our fantastic workplace.

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