Women Ski Course – Style and Confidence

Sorry Guys. Only for Girls

A relaxed Ski Course for Women

More and more women prefer female only groups on ski courses.
Why? Because they feel too much pressure when men are included in the group. Hence our women’s workshop @ Skischool Mayrhofen Habeler.

No, no men bashing jokes are told here and there is no criticism of the male sex. But it’s also wonderful when …

  • you don’t have to listen to your husband “good tips” which he has plenty of but just don’t work for you
  • no fellow male skier has to impatiently wait for you all the time because things are just not going fast enough.
  • no one to make you feel uncoordinated
  • you don’t feel like you are “holding someone up”

SHE is the focus

In this Ski Course for Women you can enjoy a few hours of skiing alone. Would you like to experience skiing at your own pace and according to your own needs?
After this technical up date, you can recharge your batteries and enjoy skiing with even more confidence.

This is what awaits you in the women’s workshop

  • A relaxed lesson in which you can try out the tips from your ski instructor
  • Learn to ski without pressure or stress
  • Enjoy pleasant female company in a small group with a maximum of 3 other ladies
  • Lady like, sporty, elegant – you determine the skiing style
  • Led by a female ski instructor

How many days does the women’s workshop take?

One day is agreed at the beginning. If you enjoy it, the group can extend the women’s ski course together. This means that you can spend several days or the whole week together.

A special tip regarding equipment: get the ladies model!

The ski equipment differs not only in appearance, but also in function from men’s models.
The fit of the ski boot in particular decides whether you will have fun skiing or find the need for frequent quick “stopover” breaks. Calf muscles are set deeper in women and a high ski boot shaft can quickly cause pain. Ski boots for women are more padded at the front. And that makes sense. But we can talk more about this in the women’s workshop.

Details for the Women Workshop
Ski Course run by female Instructor
Meeting Place
4 hours

from 11.00 to 15.00 including mutual brake

slightly advanced – Intermediate
min 2 – maximal 4 Women
Prices for the Workshop

4 hours

Price per Participant

  • Women Ski Course. a relaxed idea
Your Pressure should be on the Outside Ski
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