Private Lessons in Mayrhofen

Experts in Ski Private Lessons

We specialise in private lessons in Mayrhofen. As no one can really benefit if a teacher just drops by.
You are able to use your time wisely.

In other words:

  • Are you a fast learner and have you picked up other new sports quickly?
  • Do you like to take your time to study things thoroughly and confidently?
  • Would you like to avoid large groups?
  • Do you like to organize your day flexibly and don’t want to be dependent on a given schedule whilst on holiday?

Private Ski Courses are an ideal package that can be adapted to all needs.

The ideal learning format

  • The lesson will be based on your pace and your learning progress.
  • You can learn confidently but also intensively and quickly
  • Exclusive attention and feedback from your ski instructor
  • You have the flexibility to book lesson times, that suit your daily routine.
  • Refresher hour or complete beginner package – short or full program – everything can be personally customized!

This way you are immediately motivated

In other words: Private Ski lessons in Mayrhofen will bring enjoyment and a sense of achievement. This means that you will soon be speeding down the slopes with your loved ones and enjoying your skiing holiday together.
That’s exactly why we specialice in private lessons.

Private lessons for beginners?

Is this too much or the ideal starting point? Of course that’s your choice.
But over 80% of our guests in private ski lessons in Mayrhofen are beginners or at intermediate, level.
A quick, positive experience on the slopes will give you confidence which is worth its weight in gold not only for children but for adults too.
Also, our beginners’ area is right in front of our ski school hut, which is the meeting point on the mountain.

Optimal start times with private ski courses

Nobody likes to be stuck in traffic!
Especially in high season, when everyone wants to hit the slopes, and things can get crowded. Which is why our start times don’t conflict with the other other ski schools. So that you can enjoy the best conditions and train in peace on excellent terrain.

You can choose from the following Starting Times

S1 Perfect Start
09.00 to 10.50 hours

Freshly groomed, empty slopes are waiting for your first turns.

S2 Relaxed Start
11.00 to 12.50 hours

You’re on holiday, enjoying a leisurely start and training on empty slopes during the lunch break of the others.

S3 Afternoon Start
13.10 to 15.00 hours

End the perfect winter day with private lessons and a sense of achievement

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