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Habeler Ski School Online Booking

Do you already know exactly which offer you would like to book?
We have displayed most of the courses in our online shop and have already entered the availability of our offer. You can see immediately whether your desired ski course, your start date or your desired start time are still available.
You can’t book your course at the Mayrhofen ski school online?
Then you can also contact us directly. There may still be places or we will try to offer you an alternative.

Book on site or online in advance?

Ski School Online Booking has some advantages.

  • Everything is prepared for you in the ski school office and the tickets are ready for your arrival
  • You can book your preferred days and times
  • We can reserve the right ski instructor for you

You can send us your requests here and we will contact you as soon as possible.

We love special cases

A special case, that’s how customers which have certain concerns, often describe themselves. Even if you have already booked your ski school online at Habeler in Mayrhofen, we are happy to receiving additional information from you.

The more information we have about you in advance, the better we can organize the perfect ski course for you. We do our best and try to reserve the right ski instructor for your request.

If you are not yet sure which offer suits you, or online booking is not possible? Please send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you and are happy to help you with your holiday planning and further questions.

  • Have you ever had an injury and would therefore like to have a particularly careful restart on skis?
  • Are there preferences: a ski instructor, younger or older?
  • Was your previous experience on the slopes or a ski course not positive? But you don’t want to give up yet and wish try again?

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