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Learning Equipment included in the Beginners Ski Course.

Learning a new sport takes perseverance. But the easier it is to make progress, the more confident the skier becomes with total enthusiasm. The enthusiasm is the best motivator. Supporting this motivation is the purpose of this offer: a Beginner Ski Course with learning equipment.


At Ski School Habeler you can benefit during your private lesson from skiing equipment which was created for Beginner lessons. The brand HEAD has developed a unique type of ski equipment for beginners and ski-returners. The construction differs from “normal” skis you find at the sports retailers or rental shops because this equipment has been created especially for Ski Instruction. Result: easier learning and a steep learning curve!

1 Beginner Ski Course Set consisting of 3 pairs of skis:

BALANCE SKI : develop a motional sensation on snow and skis

GLIDE SKI : to learn the basic elements of skiing

STEER SKI : to combine and refine the motion sequences


Extract from the Journal Ropeways International – NSAA 2016


Chris Habeler‘s ski school started as a test site for the system. On the second day, clients were able to make stable, linked turns independently on a blue slope. This is very convenient for the modern guest. Most are coming only for a long week end but now this will allow enough time to learn how to ski, thanks to HEAD Way!”

It is not rocket science – but a very smart idea from the innovators at HEAD
Learning a new sport takes perseverance; but the easier it is to make progress, the more confident the skier becomes with total enthusiasm. The enthusiasm is the best motivator. Supporting this motivation is the purpose of the HEAD Way system. The Learning Equipment creating motivation.

The System consists of three skies named BALANCE, GLIDE and STEER. Their names describe their purpose:

The BALANCE ski is the shortest one of the three.

This ski is used to teach a first timer to keep his balance in the unfamiliar ski boots fixed into a binding. It does not take very long and the new skier understands what it means to be centered on a ski. 15 minutes up to an hour is enough to achieve this step, depending on the athletic abilities of the student. The learned skill is one of the most important ones to guarantee a short learning curve.

Now it’s on to the next ski of the system, the GLIDE.

This ski is used to introduce the skier to gliding forward. It does that in a very controlled manner. It can be used on the carpet lifts and gentle slopes. The ski is longer and narrower than the first one.
It is very manoeuvrable yet stable. Using the ski for about two hours makes the student comfortable to glide downhill on his own and gives him the all-important boost in self-confidence.
The next ski does not only make the student very proud, it also allows him to link respectable turns allowing him to progress from green to blue slopes.

The STEER-Ski is again longer and narrower.

It has a progressive side cut and a slight rocker to make turn initiation gradual and smooth. It reacts in a very forgiving way in order to allow the student to develop the steering sensation without risk. The student can now access the chair lifts and ski down blue slopes.

Chris Habeler owner of the Skischool Habeler in Mayrhofen was one of the first testers of the new HEAD Way system.
„I was able to see how my students became skiers with this three-ski- system from HEAD in a very short amount of time. Plus they really had fun during the learning process!”

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Beginner Ski Course with learning Equipment included
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  • Beginner Ski Course including Learning Equipment Ski School Habeler in Mayrhofen
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