Childrens Group Course

Which group would suit your Child more ?

Only in our Ski School will you find the Group Sizes limited to 6 participants per Level, in Mayrhofen.


MAX 6: attention and motivation

Children need a lot of attention and motivational advice.
With our program: MAX 6, with a maximum of 6 kids in each childrens group course, we can meet these demands. So even more fun will be had, with the right children’s ski instructor.

Success factor: small group courses for children

Does your child learn quickly and has developed motor skills? Then we won’t waste time doing boring repetitions.
Does your child need a lot of motivation or prefers to take regular breaks? In conclusion in our children’s ski courses there will be a maximum of 6 children in the group (in other ski schools the maximum number of participants in children’s groups is 10 to 12), therefore we can cater to the individual needs of the little ones.

It has to be fun but safe too!

We like to fool around with the children, motivate and do fun exercises with the little ones. That means the childrens group course should awaken an enthusiasm for skiing.

With all the love and joy of skiing: the ski areas have changed.
Especially the gentle slopes which you can cross fearlessly are now rare to find on your own. This means that we also now prepare your children for the busy slopes.
Therefore, in addition to teaching the technical side of skiing, our program also includes getting to know the rules of the slopes.

Profile of a children ski instructor

What, in our point of view, makes a good children’s ski instructor?

  • Professional qualification (at least ski instructor level 1: candidate) There are no “trainees” in our ski school.
  • Positive, fun personality
  • Leadership quality: the little runabouts have to be clearly instructed so that the group stays together
  • Patient: even if the children need to go to the toilet 10 times, fall down, need a cuddle or sometimes need guidance – the nerves have to remain stable 😉
  • Adaptable: learning styles and children’s needs are very different. A good children’s ski instructor recognizes this and designs his program accordingly.

A ski instructor is only allowed to take responsibilty for a childrens group, if we have seen that all of these points have been fulfilled.

Our lesson times in the childrens group course:

In order to be able to utalise the best terrain for teaching children, we have decided to go against the current in our ski school.

from 9:00 a.m. to 10:50 a.m. and from 1:10 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Details for the Childrens Ski Course

Children Skicourse in a small Group
Meeting Place
4 hours per Day
maximal 6 Kids in the Group
from 6 Years

Prices for the Childrens Ski Courses 2023/24


1 Day


2 Days


3 Days

Prices per Child. Group Extensions possible in resort.
Minimum number of participants per level: 3 Kids.
In case the minimum number is not reached:
Course times can be reduced or groups can be merged.

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