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Is this your first time skiing in Mayrhofen?

Do you want to explore the slopes? Or is this even your first winter holiday and now it’s time for skiing in Mayrhofen?

We think the more information you receive in advance, the better you can enjoy skiing in Mayrhofen. In short: Nobody needs unpleasant surprises on vacation.

We have therefore summarized the most frequently asked questions from our customers about ski schools and beyond for you.
If your specific question is not there, please let us know.

A few details about our ski school’s procedures

Where is the meeting point for skiing in Mayrhofen and where do the lessons take place?

We start our lessons at our meeting point on the mountain (Penken), right next to our ski school hut. That means, we introduce you to your teacher here and you can start immediately.

Can I still book ski lessons in the ski area?

Yes, you are very welcome to come to our ski school hut on the Penken and we will check whether we have a ski instructor available at short notice. However, if you are a beginner, we would recommend that you book the ski lessons in advance. So that you will definitely receive the correct ski course, during your winter holiday in Mayrhofen.

I booked online. Should I come to the ski school office in advance?

We look forward to meeting you and we are available for any information you need, in our office in the center of Mayrhofen. But if you have already booked everything online, you can also come directly to the meeting point on the mountain.
Maybe you would like to go skiing in Mayrhofen at least for a few runs beforehand.

What is my skiing level?

How can I assess my skiing level?

I have never been on skis before and I am trying skiing for the first time.

Slightly advanced
I can brake alone on flat terrain and take my first snow plow turns.

I have mastered snowplow and I can try my hand at parallel turns. I feel confident on blue and red slopes.

I have mastered parallel turns and can also manage black slopes safely and confidently.

Where can I get information on special offers and activities outside of skiing in Mayrhofen?

With as your digital travel companion, you can find all this information
Book experiences, event tickets, Lift tickets, accommodation and much more online or directly on your smartphone.
In other words, accompanies you and informs you about current events and offers in the region.
You can book top events in the Zillertal via and be in the front row at events. You can also discover culinary highlights in the Zillertal and find out restaurant recommendations or offers before anyone else.

We look forward to supporting you whilst you are skiing in Mayrhofen.

Panorama Skigebiet Mayrhofen
Grosse Löffler
Penkenbahn Berg Station
Harakiri Piste
Brandberger Kolm
Hintertuxer Gletscher >

Frequently Asked Questions about skiing in Mayrhofen

Questions to the Group Courses
What are your maximum numbers in group lessons?  
We limit our groups to a maximum of 6 people per level! Therefore, every participant receives the necessary attention. Please note that this Group is for Beginners.

Can I extend my participation in a group course on site?  
Yes, we are happy if you are enjoying the course and want to continue skiing with the group. We recommend that you start by booking a 3-day ski course so that you can lay your foundations and experience progress.  

Do the ski courses have to be taken on consecutive days?  
Yes, because the format of the ski course follows a structure that progresses daily. Out of consideration for other participants in the group, we want to avoid unnecessary repetitions due to “dropouts”.  

What is the minimum number of participants per ski level?  
The minimum number of participants per level is 3 people.With 3 people in the group, the course lasts 4 hours on Sunday + Monday and 2 hours on Tuesday.
Which Skipass will i need?

You can get a “local” Lift Pass up to 1,5 days. This is valid for the Ahorn, Penken, Finkenberg, Rastkogel and Eggalm Area.
A Lift Pass valid for more than 2 days, will automatically be a “Zillertal SuperSkipass”.

This Pass is valid for all the Lifts in the Zillertal. This is 515 Kilometers of Slopes on 179 Lifts. (including the Hintertux Glacier)
Also note, that there are special deals for pedestrians. So if you want to have a coffee or read a book at 2000m, while not skiing, you should choose that one.
The Prices for the Lift Passes can be found here : Mayrhofner Bergbahnen.

What are the benefits in Private Lessons?

It is simply the amount of attention we can provide for you. The exercises will be focusing on your individual needs and your overall progress will be faster and safer.

Where can i check the Ski Area Mayrhofen webcams?

Here you find the Webcams to checkout the weather conditions.

How much snow is in the Ski Area Mayrhofen right now?

Snow Report Zillertal

The snow and pistes report Zillertal informs you about the current snow depths in the Zillertal ski resort and all lifts and pistes opened.

Is is worth getting a Ski Depot?

Yes. To really enjoy your winter holiday, a ski depot on the mountain is very convenient! Otherwise you will have to lug your ski equipment from your accommodation to the slopes.
Even if the ski bus connection in town is very good, the bus ride and the ascent with the gondola are simply more comfortable without having to carry all of your equipment.
Your heated storage locker awaits you on the mountain, your ski boots are dry and you also have a locker to leave small items at the Top station.

A tip: It pays to be quick, as there are only a limited number of depots available at the mountain station.

Is the Ski Pass included in the lessons?

No. Ski passes are sold separately through the Lift Company. All children over 6 years need a lift pass. You will find more information directly at the Mayrhofner Bergbahnen

What about “bad” Weather conditions?

We run our courses in all Weather Conditions. Cancelling or postphoning lessons might only be necessary if the Lifts are not operating.
This could be the case due to strong winds in the Area.

At what age could Children try-out skiing?

Well, that is a tricky one. It really comes down to the Child. We would think from 3 to 4 years on, the first steps can be made.
The first taster should not be too long for the Child. A 2 hour Private lesson could give you a good idea about how it would work.


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