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small is beautiful

Big enough to deliver,
small and personal enough to care

It is somehow a bit funny.
Our ski school is the only one that presents its ski instructors in Mayrhofen, online on our website.

Skiing is an experience in nature that, with the right guidance, is pure enjoyment and a wonderful way to experience winter in the mountains in Mayrhofen.
So it is important for us and our instructors to be visible beforehand.

Good reasons to choose one of the “Habeler ski instructors in Mayrhofen”

Our speciality
We have specialized in the individual care of our guests. In any case, you will take home many more success stories with our private lessons and ski courses in our MAX6 small groups.

Against the grain
We like to be “different”, and the best thing about it: It’s for your benefit.
Habeler runs ski courses at different times, so that you can use the best terrain to practice. We offer other programs such as the MAX6 group, the women’s workshop or video coaching. Of Course we are constantly coming up with new ideas.

Our ski instructors in Mayrhofen
Our team is great. We are “smaller” but “refined”. Learning to ski or perfecting your technique is easier with an experienced, specialized ski instructor. Our team of instructors are looking forward to meeting you.

Which ski instructor is right for me?

Whether you are a beginner, a returnee or a “red piste skier”: Learning to ski or perfecting it is easy with the right teacher from our team. That is why we take a lot of time to carefully create this “fitting”. A variety of criteria play a role here:

  • Skier level
  • Children or Adults (age)
  • Language
  • Nervous guest or confident skier
  • Previous injuries or bad experiences on the slopes
  • Customer requests (for example a female ski instructor for your daughter)

Have you already had a great private lesson with one of our ski instructors and would you like to book another lesson? Then of course we will try to send you back on the slopes with the same ski coach in Mayrhofen.

Your winter vacation is important to us

Our ski school is not about size and quantity, but rather about quality and your successful ski holiday. A suitable ski instructor and the resulting success in your progress, play a role that should not be underestimated.

Our team of teachers bring a huge amount of qualifications and quality:

  • highest standards in training
  • a wide range of experience
  • ongoing development in our team
  • Empathy and motivational skills
  • and last but not least, a friendly approach to our guests and between our team.

Our ski instructors are also linguistically flexible

It will be particularly pleasant for our international guests, because our instructors speak not ony Tyrolean German but also 10 other languages ​​such as:

Famous Ski School Founder: Peter Habeler


Peter Habeler, a famous Austrian mountaineer from the Zillertal founded the “Ski & Alpinschule Mount Everest”.
The most notable event was the first ascent without supplemental oxygen of Mount Everest in 1978 together with Reinhold Messner.
2006 Chris Habeler, Peter´s son, took over the business and runs the School now under the name Ski School Habeler.

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