Private Snowboard Lessons

One on One: a clear advantage

Would you like to whiz down the slopes with just one board? With the right support, progress in snowboarding is often very quick. In any case, even faster when you practice your turns in private snowboard lessons.

If you can already ski and just feel like trying something new for a few hours, you will have a clear advantage! Gliding, moving on the snow, the relief and stress. There are some similarities between using one or two planks.

Have you ever tried boarding?

Would you like to learn the first basic turns?

Or have you already made your first attempts at snowboarding and now want to work on the “right technique”? Try out your first tricks on the slopes and attempt easy jumps, or refine your carving turns?

Private Snowboard lessons are the quickest way to achieve that cool run, for beginners as well as advanced boarders.

Is snowboarding only for the young?

No. Under no circumstances! Everyone who enjoys trying something new is welcome. Accordingly, our private snowboard instructors are happy to accompany you on this adventure. They support you from the beginners’ area to the Penken Park.

  • Children & Adults
  • Beginners and returnees
  • Advanced and park beginners

Snowboard Private or Group Lessons?

We decided to offer private snowboard lessons because we think that you simply don’t get enough attention in a group.

It almost seems, as if some simply have boarding in their blood.

But that also means, that it is just more difficult for some.

With private lessons, every snowboarder gets individual lessons with a sense of achievement. In other words: small and large successes 😉

How many hours of private lessons do I need?

This varies from person to person. We like to work with you, to ensure that not too many lessons are needed, as this means we did our job well. This means that you have  learned quickly and can snowboard independently.

Details for Private Snowboard Lessons

individual Snowboard Private Lessons
Meeting Place
Beginners to Advanced
on agreement

Prices for Snowboard Private Tuition 2023/24


2 hours per day
1 – 2 Persons

additional Person + € 20.-


4 hours per day
1 – 2 Persons

additional Person + € 35.-

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