Ski Private Lessons – Beat the crowd

Avoid Masses: Ski Private

More and more ski guests prefer to spend time together with friends and family whilst on holiday. Understandably, as quality time together is often rare.
Therefore, a private ski course is ideal. Dependent on your needs: for either you alone or together with your partner, family and friends.

After all, you would also like to fill your valuable holiday time with great success.

A private ski lesson?

This is exactly what you need. As it can also revolve around you! With private lessons for adults you can determine how the ski lessons should fit into your holiday. Time, duration, focus: everything is selected by you. We will of course be happy to advise you,in order to make the best possible choice.

Are you a beginner?

Do you want to learn curves and turns correctly and safely right from the start? In our private ski courses, we are happy to support you from the from the beginning.
In the village you will not be seen as a beginner even among professionals. Because we will also show you how to wear skis correctly and how to adjust ski boots accordingly.

You want to Gain Self Confidence?

You are not a beginner, but you still feel pretty unsure on the slopes? Nobody should have to ski down the mountain, flooded with stress hormones and shaky knees. We are happy to support you in our private ski courses in order to gain more self-confidence and security.

Fine adjustments: from GETTING BY to ON POINT.

Would you like to dash down the mountain, a little more elegant, cooler or more energy-efficient? In our private ski courses, your ski instructor will give you feedback on posture, sequence of movements and the correct use of edges. A fine-tuning that makes the difference.

Look forward to being out on the slopes with your loved ones and enjoying your time out together in the mountains.

Not letting your precious holiday time be determined by others?

In our private ski courses, we offer you different starting times from the other standard ski schools.

The early bird can catch our PERFECT START at 9 a.m.
Freshly groomed slopes and an empty ski area are waiting for the first turns of the day. Simply enjoy being the first on the slopes.

Do you want to enjoy a leisurely breakfast? Then we recommend the RELAXED START at 11.00 a.m.
Start your day of skiing stress-free and benefit from quiet slopes around lunchtime. You will then find space afterwards in the empty restaurants.

Do you want to continue practicing in the afternoon or end the day with a private ski course? Then the AFTERNOON START at 1:10 p.m. is something for you.

Details about Ski Private Lessons

individual Private Lessons
Meeting Place
Beginners to Advanced
on agreement

Ski Private Lessons Prices 2023/24


2 hours per day
1 – 2 Persons

additional Person + € 20.-


4 hours per day
1 – 2 Persons

additional Person + € 35.-

  • Private Lessons Adults Warm up Turns
    Warm up Turns
  • talking about the Ski technique
    Technical Feedback
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