Group Lessons for Adults

We rather ski with Class

Only in our Ski School will you find the Group Sizes limited to 6 participants per Level, in Mayrhofen. And in this case LESS is really MORE.

  • You see your Instructor and he sees you.
  • You hear your Instructor and he hears you.
  • You get individual feedback.

We support you with Quality Time during your lessons.

The other Schools in Mayrhofen have up to 12 Members and that is way too much in our opinion.

than with the mass

Small Group Lessons Max6: Less is more

Do you make your decisions based on quality and don’t want to be with large crowds, in times like these? Then you will like our offer: a group ski lesson in a small format.

In short, with Max6 the title is the program: you will be accompanied by a maximum of 5 other participants in your ski lesson.

The advantages are obvious:

  • Maximum number of participants in the ski lessons in a group: 6
  • Social exchanges are possible (whilst maintaining social distancing)
  • Opportunities for comparison with fellow skiers
  • Higher feedback quality
  • Fixed ski course program

Success achieved more quickly with the extra individual support!

With Max6, we rely on quality time, as you would wish for on your holiday. As a result, you will learn to ski FASTER, BETTER and SAFER.

Where do you start your Group Lessons?

High up in the ski area of ​​Mayrhofen on the Penken.
So you will start the ski course in the Max6 group at our ski school hut next to the Penken mountain station. Ski lessons begin and end there.

By the way, our assembly point at the Penken mountain station is ideally located, because optimal terrain for all skill levels can be found right on the doorstep.

Please allow us to give you a tip:

In other ski schools, the maximum number of participants in a group ski lesson is 12 people.
For example on some descents, the first wil have completed the run beofre the last has even started. Your learning progress in these large groups will therefore be delayed.

Your optimized start times

We have also optimized the start times in the group ski lessons for you. Therefore, we go “against the current” of the other ski schools and you avoid the greatest pressure and rush on the slopes. Accordingly, your training will be much calmer on the good terrain and you will benefit more from your ski course in the group.

Our lesson times in the ski course:

from 9:00 a.m. to 10:50 a.m. and from 1:10 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Details about our Group Courses

Group Course with limited numbers
Meeting Place
4 hours per Day
First Timers / Beginners
min 4 and max 6

Prices for the Group Courses Adults


1 Day


2 Days


3 Days

The prices are per person. Your ski course can be extended on site.
Minimum participants per level: 3
If this cannot be achieved, groups can be merged or course times can be reduced.

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